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    2002The Korean Civil Procedure (revised ed. 853p., Korean, Pakyoungsa, Seoul)
    1999The Basic Text on Maritime Law in Korea (co-authored 2nd ed. 680p., Korean, Seoul)
    1996Korean Law in the Global Economy (1500p.,English, Seoul)
    1989The Commentaries on the Korean Computer Program Protection Law (co-authored, 288p., Korean, Seoul National University Press)
    1983Introduction to the Law and Legal System of Korea (1187p., English, Seoul)
    1983Melvin A. Eisenberg, The Structure of the Corporation, translated by Sang-Hyun Song and Kon-sik Kim (300p., Seoul)
    1984A. Mitchell Polinsky, An Introduction to Law and Economics, translated by Sang-Hyun Song and Sang Jo Jong (280p., Seoul)
    1983An Introduction to Law and Economics (transl., 280p., Korean, Kyungmunsa, Seoul)
    1982New Trends in the Corporation Law (transl., 300p., Korean, Seoul)
    1980Lawrence M. Friedman, Legitimacy and the Jurisprudence of Rights in Western Law, translated by Sang-Hyun Song, in the Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Legal Philosophy Between East and West (National Academy of Sciences)
    1970A Comparative Study on Maritime Cargo Carrier's Liability under Anglo-American and French Laws (284p., English, Ann Arbor)